Water Treatment Systems

   Fleck 5600 Metered Water Softener.          

  • High Quality, Simple, Low Maintenance Systems
  • Demand initiated as Required by State Law
  • 1.0 cu ft of high quality resin
  • 300lb Capacity Brine tank
  • Use Salt or Potassium Chloride
  • Recharges only as needed, based on water usage
  • Sales & Rentals

 Nimbus Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System
  • Removes up 98% of Total Dissolved Solids and Sodium Chloride Found in Your Water
  • Retains High Oxygen Content for Great, Fresh Taste
  • Makes up to 15 Gallons a day of Purely Refreshing Water
  • Maintenance is Owner Friendly & has an Automatic Shut-Off Valve
  • Water Quality Monitor Takes the Guess Work Out of Filter Changes
  • Designer Faucets are Available
  • Sales & Rentals

Hard water is a fact of life for millions of Americans.  It's laden with dissolved minerals and other impurities that cause daily annoyances in the home...and long term problems that can prove to be very costly.

Hardness hampers the natural cleaning power of water...minimizing the sudsing action of detergents, soaps, and shampoos.  Worst of all, hard water minerals combine with cleaning agents to form an unpleasant, scummy substance.

This is the reason for rings in bathtubs and sinks.  It leaves a dulling film on hair, skin, dishes, walls, and floors.  And it's responsible for the "tattle-tale" gray in laundry.

Hardness causes streaking and spotting of glassware, silverware, windows, and mirrors.  And it also detracts from the appearance and flavor of cooked foods and beverages.

Those are some of the day-to-day annoyances of hard water.  There are long-term, costly problems, too.  Hardness has a damaging effect on home appliances, fixtures, and piping.  Mineral scale deposits clog water lines, shower heads, and dishwasher nozzles...causes excessive wear on faucet seats and seals...reduce efficiency and cause premature failure of water heaters.

Plumbing and appliances will stay like new, free from the effects of mineral deposits and dulling soap film that coats virtually everything water contacts.


Fresh tasting conditioned water for drinking, coffee, and other beverages.


Washes are whiter and brighter every time, without bleach or bluing.  Conditioned water requires less soap for additional savings.  Clothes will last longer too.

The use of conditioned water with pure soap is kinder to your complexion.


Treated water helps you save one hour of every three you spend cleaning - while you actually get things cleaner.


Without hard water residue, there are fewer repair bills and longer life on water-using appliances.  Water heating costs also go down.  
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