Leaky Bottles, Bottle Managment

It is important when moving bottles that they be placed carefully on the ground. Failing to do so may cause a crack or leak.

Occasionally, unnoticeable stress cracks develop in our bottles during delivery to our facilitates. We do our best to catch those and remove them from our inventory before they reach you. Unfortunately, those cracks are often unnoticeable until you open the bottle and put it on a stand, where gravity and the pressure-equalization process cause the bottle to leak.

If you receive a leaky bottle, please remove it immediately, set it aside and tape a note to it stating "leaker" so that we can remove it from our inventory. Before you replace the bottle look inside the reservoir (small container of water inside the cooler) to see if it is full, if so, the problem rests solely with the bottle and you can safely put a new bottle on the cooler. If the reservoir is empty, there may be a problem with the cooler. If that is the case, please contact our office for a replacement. Your water will be replaced at no charge.

Handling the bottle with care extends the life of our bottles. Ensuring few leaks and helps to keep our costs down, in turn, your cost down. It helps to extend the life of the bottle. All of our bottles are reusable and recyclable after being cleaned and sanitized. They may be refilled up to 50 times with conscientious bottle management by everyone that comes in contact with our bottles.

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