Damm Cold Ice

Some of the products we offer include:                                                                      Call to order today 831-637-1720

  • Agriculture employment contractors
  • Bagged ice ready for re-sale
  • Mobile freezer rentals
  • Merchandisers
  • Special events

Remember us for all of your celebrations; weddings, birthdays and holiday parties. Our trailers are available to rent by the day or week. Making sure your ice stays frozen until you need it!

To place a order or to get information regarding minimum order requirements please call our office at

Arctic Glaciers primary product is packaged ice sold under the brand name Arctic Glacier ® Premium Ice. Packaged ice for human consumption is sold in various package sizes ranging from 5 to 40 pounds where is used by consumers as a refrigerant to keep perishables cold and as food product to chill their favorite beverages.

Packaged ice products are also supplied to a variety of commercial users including bakeries and meat processors. Arctic Glacier
® Premium Ice is used as a ingredient in many bakery products containing yeast, such as bread. The ice is used to chill the water used in the dough and control the rate at which the dough rises to ensure optimum quality and taste. Arctic Glacier ® Premium Ice is also used in the production of many processed meat products such as sausage. Ice is used during the production process to achieve the optimum temperature range for grinding, mixing and binding the ingredient's together.

Arctic Glacier ® also produces ice in bulk containers that are sold primarily to poultry processors, the commercial fishing industry, chemical plants and concrete plants.

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